Here are the active Bio Members for the Club Team


Alexandria Gray 11th Active
Amanuel Arreguin 11th Active
Abigail Murray 11th Active
Katrina Meier 11th Active
Nico Fitzgerald 11th Active
Kayelene Nicolazzi 11th Active
Charisma Davis 11th Rest
Nicole Silverlake 10th Active
Julia Burda 10th Active
Ashley Smith 10th Active
Tamara Bader 10th Active
Casey Bostock 10th Active
Brenda Wilmore 9th Active
Sierra Meier 9th Active
Kaelyn MCCann 9th Active
Dylan Chung 9th Active
Jack Wright 8th Active
Stephanie Silverlake 8th Active
Brynn Wallander 8th Active
Kaleb Meier 7th Active
David Stabile 13+ Active
Mark Schillinger Post/Open Active
David McLawhorn Masters Active