Here are the active Bio Members for the Club Team


Alexandria Gray 11th Active
Nicole Silverlake 11th Active
Abigail Murray 11th In-Active
Katrina Meier 11th Active
Kayelene Nicolazzi 11th In-Active
Charisma Davis 11th In-Active
Francis Alipranti 11th In-Active
Julia Burda 10th Active
Ashley Smith 10th Active
Tamara Bader 10th Active
Casey Bostock 10th Active
Alhijah Espino 10th Active
Brenda Wilmore 9th In-Active
Sierra Meier 9th Active
Kaelyn MCCann 9th Active
Dylan Chung 9th In-Active
Taylor Murphy 9th Active
Jack Wright 8th Active
Stephanie Silverlake 8th Active
Brynn Wallander 8th In-Active
Kaleb Meier 7th Active
David Stabile 13+ In-Active
David McLawhorn Masters  Active
Ken St Cyr Masters  Active